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How to use quarin in a sentence. Quarin pronunciation.

I sat up all night, Quarin, for I had an important duty to perform before leaving Vienna.
Why, what a doleful face you wear, Quarin!
When Quarin entered the emperor's cabinet, he found him quietly seated before his escritoire half buried in documents: The physician remained standing at the door, waiting until he should be ordered to approach.
Quarin hastened to his side.
Quarin's features were convulsed with distress, and tears stood in his eyes.
From my soul I thank you for the manly frankness with which you have treated me, Quarin, and I desire now to give you a testimony of my gratitude.

Examples of Quarin

Example #1
But no, I will not deny it.
Example #2
At this moment the door opened, and a servant came in with a golden tray, on which lay a letter.
Example #3
A man of honor ceases to importune a woman after such an avowal.
Example #4
What they found at Wichern.
Example #5
Look at me, Gaspardi," said she, in tones that sounded in the valet's ears like distant thunder.
Example #6
With downcast looks and reverential obeisance he awaited her commands.