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How to use quarterly in a sentence. Quarterly pronunciation.

Mr. Eastwick, the translator of Bopp’s Grammar, tells me that he and Murray wish for an article on this work in the “Quarterly Review” for January, 1851; so it must be sent in in November.
Mr. Brownson (or rather a writer in Brownson’s “Quarterly Review,” July, 1863) takes another way of softening the terrors of hell.
Leading thinkers of very different schools—for example, Mr. Brownson, the Roman Catholic, in his “Quarterly Review;” Professor Hickok, the Presbyterian, in the “Bibliotheca Sacra;” and Mr. Maurice, of the Church of England, in an able pamphlet—have opposed with great force the arguments and conclusions of this volume.

Examples of Quarterly

Example #1
Wilson refuses, as he is too busy.
Example #2
I believe you could best write such a review, of about sixteen pages (£16).
Example #3
With him too, hell is an everlasting state; but he maintains that the Roman Church has not made it an article of faith to believe that there is any positive suffering therein.
Example #4
His being was made by God, and cannot perish; his hostile will proceeded from himself, and shall be destroyed.
Example #5
It is true that some Orthodox divines consider that Mr. Mansel has _demonstrated_ that the human consciousness is unequal to the speculative conception of a Being at once absolute, infinite, and personal, and seem gladly to have the aid of this book in defending the Trinity.
Example #6
Its defence of Orthodoxy costs too much.