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How to use queer in a sentence. Queer pronunciation.

I think he must be Irish by his ease, and because I imagine him to belong to the honbl B.'s, who are son, and son's wife of an Irish viscount, bold queer- looking people, just fit to be quality at Lyme.
And because the people are fairies - though mortal - all things in Horai, except the Palace of the Dragon-King, are small and quaint and queer;- and these fairy-folk do really eat their rice out of very, very small bowls, and drink their wine out of very, very small cups...
Although the trade wind was blowing quite fresh, this queer- looking craft carried no ballast, properly so-called; but to prevent her from capsizing a couple of negroes stood on her weather gunwale, holding on to ropes attached to her masthead, and leaning back almost horizontally out over the water.
Late into the night we sat and talked, and planned, whilst the Bushmen sat round their camp fire, and clucked and chattered in their queer- sounding speech, gorging themselves to repletion on the offal of an eland I had shot the previous day.

Examples of Queer

Example #1
Like other young ladies she is considerably genteeler than her parents.
Example #2
My mother and I staid about an hour later.
Example #3
In Horai nothing is hidden but grief, because there is no reason for shame;- and nothing is locked away, because there could not be any theft;- and by night as well as by day all doors remain unbarred, because there is no reason for fear.
Example #4
All folk in Horai love and trust each other, as if all were members of a single household;- and the speech of the women is like birdsong, because the hearts of them are light as the souls of birds;- and the swaying of the sleeves of the maidens at play seems a flutter of wide, soft wings.
Example #5
A third negro, attired in a picturesquely dirty shirt, and trousers rolled up above his knees, and with a most shockingly dilapidated straw hat on his head, steered the little craft by means of a broad-bladed paddle laid out over the lee quarter.
Example #6
The pirogue was a very quaint-looking craft, of about twenty feet in length by some five feet beam, formed out of a solid log of wood which had been roughly trimmed with an axe to form the bottom portion of her, with a couple of planks above to form her top sides.