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Le concept de réseau pervasif est développé depuis plusieurs années par Rafi Haladjian, fondateur de la société Ozone.
Rafi, one day; a large walled town.
From Rafi to Bakura extends the province or kingdom called Zanfeierra, of which the capital is Bakura. Between Bakura and the city of Sakkatou, which comes next in order, after two days, there are a number of small villages.

Examples of Rafi

Example #1
La prochaine génération de l’internet serait un réseau pervasif permettant de se connecter en tout lieu et à tout moment sur tout type d’appareil à travers un réseau unique et omniprésent.
Example #2
Nous n’accéderons plus au réseau, nous l’habiterons.
Example #3
Sabonkashi, four days; a large walled town, and residence of a sultan. Kanya, three days; small village. Sabokafi, four days; a small village. Kogo, two days; a large walled town, situate between rocks; a small stream.
Example #4
Kalenya, one day; small walled town.
Example #5
Before you reach Sakkatou from Kanou, distant an hour, is a large river, in which is found water during the dry season.
Example #6
Bakura, three days; a large walled town, and residence of a sultan: streams in rainy season.