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John E. Raiford, second lieutenant, Atlanta, Ga. Hazel L. Raine, first lieutenant, U.S. Army.
On the day appointed by Mr. Dikes, (Wednesday, July 29th, 1868,) the most of the white people in from six to ten miles around, appeared in Andersonville, with their arms, and Mr. Souber, the magistrate of the district, and Mr. Raiford, the Sheriff of the county, accompanied by a party of some twenty-six or thirty armed white men, went to the houses of all these people, (except a very few who had vacated their premises,) and threw all their furniture, and provisions of every kind, out of doors.
That some time after this Mr. Souber sent him word by Bob Stevens that he had rented the place to him, and that he must get out or Mr. Souber would have him put out by the Sheriff, Mr. Raiford; that Mr. Stevens and his wife have both been to his house several times with this message from Mr. Souber; that last Saturday (January 23, 1869,) his wife told him that Mr. Souber came to his house while he was away and told her we must get out by Monday night or he would bring the Sheriff and have us put out.

Examples of Raiford

Example #1
Fred D. Ramsey, first lieutenant, Wedgefleld, S.C. James O. Redmon, second lieutenant, Newton, Iowa.
Example #2
Richard R. Queen, second lieutenant, Washington, D.C. Harold L. Quivers, first lieutenant, Washington, D.C. Washington H. Racks, second lieutenant, U.S. Army.
Example #3
They then nailed up the doors of all their cabins, on the inside, and punched off a part of the roofs, and got out in this way.
Example #4
But he refused, and said they could not stay on any terms.
Example #5
Mr. Williams says he will make oath to these statements.
Example #6
Mrs. Martha Randall and Mrs. Jane Rogers live very near Mr. Williams.