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How to use rall in a sentence. Rall pronunciation.

Colonel Ralls, of Ralls County, however, received them cordially and made life happier for them with a good breakfast and some encouraging words.
Certainly there was something picturesque in the idea of the Missouri private who had been chased for a rainy fortnight through the swamps of Ralls County being selected now to join in welcome to his ancient enemy.
The troops belonging to the first Hessian Division had as yet not all been assembled in the harbor of Portsmouth, for, on account of the lack of transport ships, General von Mirbach with his regiment and that of Commander Rall, a Knyphausen Company, and a part of the Commissariat still remained at Bremerlehe, when the fleet was ready and the wind often long in coming, was just then very favorable to leave the channel.
I was saying to my husband the other day what will this world come to; honest women are nothing now-a-days, while the harlotings are set up for fine ladies, and look upon us no more nor the dirt they walk upon: but let me tell you, my fine spoken Ma'am, I must have my money; so seeing as how you can't pay it, why you must troop, and leave all your fine gimcracks and fal der ralls behind you.

Examples of Rall

Example #1
He was authorized to administer the oath of office, he said, and he proceeded to do it, and made them a speech besides; also he sent out notice to some of the neighbors-to Col. Bill Splawn, Farmer Nuck Matson, and others-that the community had an army on its hands and perhaps ought to do something for it.
Example #2
When they took a look at themselves by daylight, with their nondescript dress and accoutrements, there was some thing about it all which appealed to one's sense of humor rather than to his patriotism.
Example #3
He reconsidered and sent an acceptance, agreeing to speak, as the committee had requested.
Example #4
The great reunion was to be something more than a mere banquet.
Example #5
Then a rather peculiar circumstance occurred to prevent the start.
Example #6
Also six printed on Japan Vellum.