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Another foreigner, Jacob Rathgeb, 1592, says the English go dressed in exceeding fine clothes, and some will even wear velvet in the street, when they have not at home perhaps a piece of dry bread.
Jacob Rathgeb (1592) says the English are magnificently dressed, and extremely proud and overbearing; the merchants, who seldom go unto other countries, scoff at foreigners, who are liable to be ill-used by street boys and apprentices, who collect in immense crowds and stop the way.
Rathgeb also agrees that the women have much more liberty than in any other place.

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Example #1
He has no "Constitution" to go by, nothing but his wits and energy to set against the world that day, and every day the struggle and the anxiety are the same.
Example #2
When the retail grocer wakens in the morning he feels that his business is not going to come to him spontaneously; he thinks of his rivals, of his perilous stock, of his debts and delinquent customers.
Example #3
Probably when the Great Assize is held one of the questions asked will be, "Did you, in America, ever write stories for children?
Example #4
The responsibility is with the novelist and the writer of stories, the chief characteristic of which is vulgar commonplace.
Example #5
It is like the uniform to the soldier or the veil to the nun-a sign of separation and devotion.
Example #6
The enduring of this habit will have a confirming influence on her purposes, and help to keep her up to them.