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How to use re-lighted in a sentence. Re-lighted pronunciation.

As the provinces, for an instant, had seemingly got the better of their foe, they turned madly upon each other, and the fires of religious discord, which had been extinguished by the common exertions of a whole race trembling for the destruction of their fatherland, were now re-lighted with a thousand brands plucked from the sacred domestic hearth.
He returned to the house, and in a few moments re-emerged in his out-of-door trim, with cloak and umbrella, re-lighted his pipe, and strolled towards Hazeldean village.
She rose and re-lighted it.
Accordingly, the lights were barely put out, when a scout was posted, the candles were re-lighted, and a number of other Noelites, headed by Mackworth, came crowding into the dormitory.

Examples of Re-lighted

Example #1
Fathers and children, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, were beginning to wrangle, and were prepared to persecute.
Example #2
The "religion-peace" which had been proclaimed at Antwerp had hardly found favor anywhere.
Example #3
He neared a table where three or four young men (younger sons, who lived in the most splendid style, Heaven knew how) were still over their wine.
Example #4
Meanwhile Frank, after cantering on for some distance, stopped at a cottage, and there learned that there was a short cut across the fields to Rood Hall, by which he could save nearly three miles.
Example #5
Every box and drawer lay overthrown and rifled, nothing left but what the thieves deemed not worth taking.
Example #6
One night, Mrs. Boardman awoke and found the lamp gone out.