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How to use re-loaded in a sentence. Re-loaded pronunciation.

For the whole of the attacking body was in retreat, racing for the shelter of the trees in a disorderly crowd whose paces were hastened by Don Ramon's men, now re-loaded, sending another ragged volley in their rear.
We re-loaded our guns, and got everything ready for a second attack, which I was sure they would make.
The gun was re-loaded, and soon the moonlight through the leaves betrayed the other bear; and after a little hesitation, Fabens took aim and fired.
After some delay from the dispersion of my men who carried spare guns, I re-loaded, and followed in the direction which the herd had taken.

Examples of Re-loaded

Example #1
Their action was very different from that of the schooner's men, who contented themselves with re-loading and breaking out under the leadership of Winks into a hearty British cheer, in which Don Ramon's men now joined.
Example #2
Don whatever your name is.
Example #3
We were not long left in suspense.
Example #4
I think the natives got a few shots, but they all ran up the hill and there stood talking and haranguing and appearing very angry.
Example #5
But his hand shook, and his shot was lost in the air; and Uncle Walter fired, and snap-crash-bound-came the other bear.
Example #6
The dogs rushed upon her, and flew back in full shriek.