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She had mourned thus for nearly six months, when the army re-passed Augsburg; and, while at work alone in her room one day, she was told that a soldier wished to see her, and had something precious to commit to her care; but he was unable to leave his corps, and must beg her to meet him on the public square.
Invading armies have passed and re-passed over their homes-miserable as they were even in times of peace.
The room had become dimmer; the light on her hair and face and hands glimmered dully as she passed and re-passed him in her restless progress- restless, dismayed, frightened progress toward a goal she already saw ahead-close ahead of her-every time she turned to look at him.
He had a sort of uneasy conviction that the officer would at once suspect their plan, and that pursuit would have commenced very shortly after they had re-passed the fort.
They gave him some fresh light bread and a basin of coffee; he finished and waited, teeth biting the stem of his empty pipe for which he had no tobacco. Surgeons, assistant surgeons, contract physicians, ward-masters, nurses, passed and re-passed; stretchers filed into the dead house; coffins were being unloaded and piled under a shed; a constant stream of people entered and left the apothecary's office; the Division Medical Director's premises were besieged.
A policeman passed and re-passed me.
As the two men passed and re-passed her, the one noted that the other would glance in undisguised and honest admiration at the figure in the chair.

Examples of Re-passed

Example #1
Little suspecting the happiness in store for her, she sought the grenadier, and the latter leaving the ranks, pulled the "little good man" out of his pocket, and placed him in the arms of the poor mother, who could not believe the evidence of her own eyes.
Example #2
Immediately on her arrival she set out again on her return to Augsburg, making inquiries in all directions, but could obtain no information of her son, and at last being convinced that he was dead, wept bitterly for him.
Example #3
False accusations have been launched against them so that they have been regarded as enemies by both sides and treated as such.
Example #4
In Eastern Europe, in Poland, in Galicia and in parts of Russia, at least two or three millions of Jews have suffered from the ravages of a war waged with a bitterness that exceeds all bounds.
Example #5
She already knew the end.
Example #6
She halted, head high, superb in her slim, young beauty.