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Almost like a reality-the one To end in madness-both in misery.
Physical points, the atoms, are physical, but not points; mathematical points are indivisible, but not real; metaphysical or substantial points, the incorporeal, soul-like units, alone combine in themselves indivisibility and reality-the monads are the true atoms.
I have often attributed those sublime visions to the guardian angel charged with moulding my spirit to its divine destiny; they endowed my soul with the faculty of seeing the inner soul of things; they prepared my heart for the magic craft which makes a man a poet when the fatal power is his to compare what he feels within him with reality,-the great things aimed for with the small things gained.
Yet it all had the look of reality-the voice had the right ring, the face had truth, the bearing was gallant; the force and power of the man overwhelmed her.

Examples of Reality-the

Example #1
A MS. of the Spanish text, sent to England for "copy," is in a foreign handwriting.
Example #2
My dream was past; it had no further change.
Example #3
Together with indivisibility they possess immortality; as it is impossible for them to arise and perish through the combination and separation of parts, they cannot come into being or pass out of it in any natural way whatever, but only by creation or annihilation.
Example #4
If we are to find indivisible units, we must pass over into the realm of the immaterial and come to the conclusion that bodies are composed of immaterial constituents.
Example #5
Those visions wrote upon my brain a book in which I read that which I must voice; they laid upon my lips the coal of utterance.
Example #6
My ecstasy brought dreams unspeakable, which fed my imagination, fostered my susceptibilities, and strengthened my thinking powers.