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How to use recogniti in a sentence. Recogniti pronunciation.

The copy of Emanuel Acosta I have mainly used is that in the Royal Library at Munich, De Japonicus rebus epistolarum libri iii, item recogniti; et in Latinum ex Hispanico sermone conversi, Dilingae, MDLXXI.
Herodiani ab Excessu Divi Marci libri octo: ab Immanuele Bekkero recogniti.
Loci cõmunes theologici recèns collecti & recogniti.

Examples of Recogniti

Example #1
For the case at Stade, see press dispatch from Berlin in newspapers of June 24, 25, 1895.
Example #2
By Louis XIV Universal acceptance of these miracles IX.
Example #3
A. Gellii Noctium Atticarum libri XX: edidit Carolus Hosius.
Example #4
X. Eutropi Breviarium ab Urbe Condita: recognovit Franciscus Ruehl.
Example #5
Aduersus furiosum Parisiensium theologastrorum decretum.
Example #6
Liber commentariorum in epistolam ad Romanos, & in duas ad Corinthios.