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How to use recommenda in a sentence. Recommenda pronunciation.

Recommenda- tions vary, but it is generally agreed by most experts that security, especially in the highly susceptible desktop and laptop personal computers, should be hardware based.
Even agencies who have in the past been critical of the super- secret NSA are praising their preliminary efforts and recommenda- tions to deal with the emergency.
Despite high marks for the NSA in other areas, many of their defensive recommenda- tions have not been so well received.

Examples of Recommenda

Example #1
Steve typed in a 'Y' and the ENTER key.
Example #2
Steve and his cohorts picked their aliases when they were only fifteen, and kept them ever since.
Example #3
In a several page document issued by the NSA, a series of safe- guards is outlined to protect computers against many of the threats they now face.
Example #4
Well placed persons within the government concur that the NSA, who is responsible for guiding the country through the current computer crisis, is ideally suited for managing the situation.
Example #5
In addition, the NSA has asked all long distance carriers to, effective immediately, deny service to any digital communications until further notice.