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Definition of Recruiter

  • One who, or that which, recruits.
  • an official who enlists personnel for military service
  • someone who supplies members or employees

How to use recruiter in a sentence. Recruiter pronunciation.

This valet was Krool, a half-caste-Hottentot and Boer-whom he had rescued from Lobengula in the Matabele war, and who had in his day been ship-steward, barber, cook, guide, and native recruiter.
Ahmed built a team of 12 recruiters whom he could trust with his life.
What even a seasoned reporter might not find out though, was that all 12 of Ahmed's elite recruiters had to pass a supreme test often required by international political terrorist organiza- tions.
He returned to Samoa and engaged as a "recruiter" in the labour trade.
He answered, punctuating his sentences by inhaling fragrant Bhilsi, "You have heard of Campbell & Co., the big cooly recruiters of Azimganj?

Examples of Recruiter

Example #1
Krool had attached himself to Byng, and he would not be shaken off even when his master came home to England.
Example #2
The features were not regular, the forehead was perhaps a little too low, and the hair grew very thick, and would have been a vast mane if it had not been kept fairly close by his valet.
Example #3
Seven professional terrorists, unknown to the American authorities, thoroughly sanitized, came with him to the United States under assumed visas and the other 5, already in the country were personally recommended by Farjani.
Example #4
Recruitment was easy, just as Farjani had said.
Example #5
To guarantee their loyalty to the cause, whatever that cause might be, and to weed out potential external infiltrators, each member had to have killed at least one member of their immediate family.
Example #6
After all, they answered to a greater cause.