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Once up on top of that lava bed, Gale saw stretching away, breaking into millions of crests and ruts, a vast, red-black field sweeping onward and upward, with ragged, low ridges and mounds and spurs leading higher and higher to a great, split escarpment wall, above which dim peaks shone hazily blue in the distance.
It set against the dike, short and narrow but red-black with the iron it contained.
The dust cloud cleared a little and the searchlights looked down on the scene; no longer brilliantly white but shining through the red-black lance tree ink as a blood red glow.
Below that horizon, sometimes blue-black and sometimes red-black, the plain is monumental!

Examples of Red-black

Example #1
He looked no more in that direction.
Example #2
Yaqui led Diablo into it, and then began the most laborious and vexatious and painful of all slow travel.
Example #3
He picked up a piece and felt the weight of it.
Example #4
He hurried up the hillside that was rapidly whitening with snow and saw the vein.
Example #5
A searchlight turret slid shut and opened a moment later, the light wiped clean.
Example #6
She made a sound of greeting in passing, a sound that was gone as her jaws closed on a Gern.