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How to use red-bronze in a sentence. Red-bronze pronunciation.

Gale had never seen the Indian's face change its hard, red-bronze calm.
One of them seemed particularly attractive with his superb build, his red-bronze face and bright-red scarf, his swinging gun, and the huge, long, curved spurs.
He had a red-bronze face, young like a boy's.
As she looked down from above upon his almost naked body, trapped only in the simplest of unadorned harness, and saw the play of the lithe muscles beneath the red-bronze skin, and witnessed the quick and delicate play of his sword point, to her sense of obligation was added a spontaneous admission of admiration that was but the natural tribute of a woman to skill and bravery and, perchance, some trifle to manly symmetry and strength.

Examples of Red-bronze

Example #1
It was the color and the flintiness and the character of the lava at his feet.
Example #2
His posture could not have been misunderstood, yet his expression had not altered.
Example #3
Evidently he caught Bo's admiring gaze, for, with a word to his companions, he sauntered toward the window where the girls sat.
Example #4
Long, lean, bow-legged fellows they were, with young, frank faces and intent eyes.
Example #5
Helen recognized it, and the flowing red scarf, and the swinging gun, and the slow, spur-clinking gait.
Example #6
Helen thrilled at sight of a tall, superbly built cowboy reluctantly detaching himself from the group.