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Definition of Red

  • imp. & p. p. of Read.
  • To put on order; to make tidy; also, to free from entanglement or embarrassement; -- generally with up; as, to red up a house.
  • Of the color of blood, or of a tint resembling that color; of the hue of that part of the rainbow, or of the solar spectrum, which is furthest from the violet part.
  • The color of blood, or of that part of the spectrum farthest from violet, or a tint resembling these.
  • A red pigment.
  • An abbreviation for Red Republican. See under Red, a.
  • The menses.
  • red color or pigment; the chromatic color resembling the hue of blood
  • a tributary of the Mississippi River that flows eastward from Texas along the southern boundary of Oklahoma and through Louisiana
  • emotionally charged terms used to refer to extreme radicals or revolutionaries
  • the amount by which the cost of a business exceeds its revenue

How to use red in a sentence. Red pronunciation.

It's one thing to be a missionary and say the little word in season; it's another to run your soft red head against a hard stone wall.
They themselves wore red tarbooshes, as did the Prince; yet all of them knew that the European custom of showing respect was by doffing the hat.
Mocking shapes flitted past him, the wings of obscene birds buffeted him, the morass grew up about him; and now it was all a red moving mass like a dead sea heaving about him.
Lacey became red in the face.
A short distance away, near the outer gate, glowed a star of red light, and the fragrance of a strong cigar came over. "Say, looking for me?" said a voice, and a figure moved towards David.
Presently in a red fury he cried: "Go-go-go, and bring me back by midnight Nahoum, and Foorgat's treasures, to the last piastre.
He handed over an amulet which had one red gem in the centre.
The heart of the pomegranate is not redder than our hearts are red for thee.
Every inch of the walls was hung with red curtains.
He was conscious of this as the panel clicked behind him, and the folds of the red velvet caught his shoulder in falling.
He cursed the man and all his ancestry and all his posterity, sleeping and waking, until the day when he, Mahommed, would pinch his flesh with red hot irons.
Very often these partitions were made of old flour sacks basted together; and then the difference between the common herd and the aristocracy was, that the common herd had unornamented sacks, while the walls of the aristocrat were overpowering with rudimental fresco-i.e., red and blue mill brands on the flour sacks.
It went surging up adjacent ridges-surmounted them and disappeared in the canons beyond-burst into view upon higher and farther ridges, presently-shed a grander illumination abroad, and dove again -flamed out again, directly, higher and still higher up the mountain-side-threw out skirmishing parties of fire here and there, and sent them trailing their crimson spirals away among remote ramparts and ribs and gorges, till as far as the eye could reach the lofty mountain-fronts were webbed as it were with a tangled network of red lava streams.
Such spreading and contracting of the red equine nostrils, and glaring of the wild equine eye!
Right there in that red dirt!
She saw Sirona sitting up upon her couch, and opposite to her the Gaul with pale distorted features; at his feet lay the sheepskin; in his right hand he held the lamp, and its light fell on the paved floor in front of the bed, and was reflected in a large dark red pool.
Paulus had rescued her from the fall, but now-as he came up to her with two pieces of stone which were slightly hollowed, so that he had been able to bring some fresh water in them, and which he held level with great difficulty, walking with the greatest care-he thought that inexorable death had only too soon returned to claim the victim he had snatched from him, for Sirona's head hung down upon her breast, her face was sunk towards her lap, and at the back of her head, where her abundant hair parted into two flowing tresses, Paulus observed on the snowy neck of the insensible woman a red spot which the sun must have burnt there.
It was of red brick, and double-fronted, with a porch of wood and stucco; bay windows on one side of the entrance, and flat on the other, made a contrast pleasing to the suburban eye.
In making letters, he always painted L yellow, M red, and A black.
His terrible picture of war, "The Red Laugh," has been translated into German, French, and English, two of his dramas, "Anathema" and "To the Stars," have been published in America, and other of his short stories are known everywhere in Germany.

Examples of Red

Example #1
I went to Mexico a conquistador, I left it a child of time, who had learned to smile; and I left some millions behind me, too.
Example #2
The Dagos wanted to live in their own way, and they did.
Example #3
The Prince Pasha had settled that with David, however, at their first meeting, when David had kept on his hat and offered Kaid his hand.
Example #4
He had come in a Quaker suit of black broadcloth, with grey steel buttons, and a plain white stock; and he wore his broad-brimmed hat-to the consternation of the British Consul-General and the Europeans present, to the amazement of the Turkish and native officials, who eyed him keenly.
Example #5
The grey, dank mists came down on him, his footsteps sank deeper and deeper, and ever the cries, as of damned spirits, grew in his ears.
Example #6
It came to him now as he sat by the water-side, and he raised his face to the sun and to the world.