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How to use refrain in a sentence. Refrain pronunciation.

The crowd amassed now at the principal inlets of the square, gave a formidable cry and burst into the refrain- "Le voila!
As she moved about, touching, smoothing this garment and that, there crossed her memory the Virgilian refrain- "_Nihil ille deos, nil carmina curat.
All through our supper, which was laid in the largest of the first floor rooms, did Juno stand by, repeating the refrain- "Oh dat nigger, dat Clump,-why he no come?

Examples of Refrain

Example #1
The vehicle stopped at the end of the square from which the besom had started, and it was immediately surrounded by the privileged, who, however, were soon persuaded to stand away.
Example #2
Then she saw a red reflection coming from one of the side streets of which she had a vista; it was the swinging lantern of a waggon drawn by a gaunt grey horse.
Example #3
Ducite ab urbe domum, mea carmina, ducite Daphnin.
Example #4
He would confess that she had been right. . . .
Example #5
And here's Massa er waitten and er waitten; but Clump, ole mon, he get berry slow-berry, berry slow.
Example #6
With satisfaction and becoming dignity, too, it seemed on fresh sunny mornings to gaze at the hundreds of sails dotting the sea, and bound for all parts of the globe, recalling, perhaps with some mournfulness, the days of its youth and the many other varied scenes of interest which it had witnessed on those same tossing billows from its lofty height.