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The first real exciting incident connected with the Third South Carolina Regiment-the first panic and stampede-happened as the troops were returning from their ten days' furlough to their camp of instruction, near Columbia, just after their enlistment in the Confederate service.
I was then serving as Major in the -th Massachusetts Regiment-the old-th, as we used to call it-and a bloody time the boys had of it too.
They were moving all night, and the first thing I heard this morning was the bugle in the direction of Quincy, and the news came at breakfast time that the 65th Regiment-the last of the big fighting regiments to go into action at Verdun, and the last to leave, was marching in.

Examples of Regiment-the

Example #1
Scarcely had he assumed command, and prior to our arrival, before he was attacked by General Butler, with twenty thousand men.
Example #2
I record this occurrence to show what little incidents, and those of such little moment, are calculated to stampede an army, and to what foolish lengths men will go when excited.
Example #3
About 2 P.M. we had been sent out to skirmish along the edge of the wood in which, as our generals suspected, the Rebs lay massing for a charge across the slope, upon the crest of which our army was posted.
Example #4
By W.H.H. Murray It was at the battle of Malvern Hill-a battle where the carnage was more frightful, as it seems to me, than in any this side of the Alleghanies during the whole war-that my story must begin.
Example #5
No one knows the destination, but judging by the direction, they were heading for Soissons.
Example #6
The loaded camions began to move just after dark.