Regurgitating in a sentence

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How to use regurgitating in a sentence. Regurgitating pronunciation.

I'd aced every test, I'd done every take-home assignment, I'd led the class, in a bored, sleepy way, regurgitating the things they'd stuck in my brain in 1975.
To-day, I am afraid, these mighty hearts are forever cold; justice it probably administered with the aid of a modern _calorifere_, and the walls of the palace are perforated with regurgitating tubes.

Examples of Regurgitating

Example #1
I went up to the attic and started reading one of Pa's adventure stories, _Tarzan of the Apes_, by the Frenchman, Jules Verne.
Example #2
I came home and tossed the envelope on the kitchen table without a moment's worry.
Example #3
Behind and above the gallery that surmounts the three fireplaces are high Gothic windows, the tracery of which masks, in some sort, the chimneys; and in each angle of this and of the room to the right and left of the trio of chimneys, is all open-work spiral staircase, ascending to - I forget where; perhaps to the roof of the edifice.
Example #4
The three tall fireplaces, side by side, with a delicate gallery running along the top of them, constitute the originality of this ancient chamber, and make one think of the groups that must formerly have gathered there, - of all the wet boot-soles, the trickling doublets, the stiffened fingers, the rheumatic shanks, that must have been presented to such an incomparable focus of heat.