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Definition of Relique

  • See Relic.

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Mais comme les pélerins qui visitent le tombeau de quelque saint, emportent avec eux une relique précieuse, je demande un souvenir de toi, comme un trésor précieux pour m'accompagner dans mon pélerinage.
See Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry, vol.
They presented Mysteries, and often at great expense; and reliques of this system still remain in the south of Europe, and indeed throughout Italy, where at Christmas the convents and the great nobles rival each other in the scenic representation of the birth of Christ and its circumstances.
These reliques of your constant lover.
His precious reliques to translate.
We travelled many hours through a tract, black and barren, in which, however, there were the reliques of humanity; for we found a ruined chapel in our way.
Inquiring after the reliques of former manners, I found that in Ulva, and, I think, no where else, is continued the payment of the Mercheta Mulierum; a fine in old times due to the Laird at the marriage of a virgin.
These reliques of veneration always produce some mournful pleasure.
Cornélius pouvait bien avoir un autre fanatique qui donnât cent florins de ses reliques.
Ces deux pieces ont echappe au naufrage comme par miracle; je les possede encore et les conserve comme des reliques.
They had recitations in them, poetical and divine, one of which I may suppose this small relique of antiquity to be, in which the passion of our Saviour, and his resurrection, is described.
Les _Uffizi_, avec leur admirable tribune (une vraie châsse de reliques du beau), le musée Pitti, l'Académie, les églises, les couvents regorgent de chefs-d'œuvre.
La boite s'etait ouverte, la relique etait perdue!
Puis je m'etais rendu chez un orfevre et j'avais achete un bijou digne de la relique.
J'avais vole; j'avais viole une eglise, viole une chasse; viole et vole des reliques sacrees.
Il faut que j'apporte une relique, une vraie, authentique, certifiee par Notre Saint-Pere le Pape, d'une vierge et martyre quelconque.
Et puis je doute qu'on confie aux particuliers des reliques veritables.
Being Old Ballads of War, Adventure, and Love, from Bishop Thomas Percy's Reliques of Ancient English Poetry.
The Lady turned Serving-man_, given with ‘improvements’ by Percy (_Reliques_, 1765, vol.

Examples of Relique

Example #1
Le tems a touché mon front de ses doigts rudes et pesans, et les roses ont fui de mes joues; alors ce serait sûrement une folie de rechercher maintenant les louanges dues à la beauté.
Example #2
Et quoique le chagrin, avant la fuite de la jeunesse, ait pu altérer la couleur noire de tes beaux cheveux, les lauriers qui couronnent ta tête cachent à nos yeux les empreintes prématurées du tems.
Example #3
Mrs. Siddons was famous in the part of Mrs. Haller.
Example #4
A translation from Kotzebue by Thompson, and first acted at Drury Lane, 24th March, 1798.
Example #5
I heard two instances mentioned to me at different times, one in Sicily and the other in Rome, of noble devotees, the ruin of whose fortunes was said to have commenced in the extravagant expense which had been incurred in presenting the _præsepe_ or manger.
Example #6
They did that, therefore, by scenic representations, which in after ages it has been attempted to do in Roman Catholic countries by pictures.