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Definition of Reluctantly

  • In a reluctant manner.
  • with reluctance

How to use reluctantly in a sentence. Reluctantly pronunciation.

Reluctantly, but with curiosity, Emmeline glanced over the sheet.
After some further conversation Miss Elting reluctantly agreed to the boys' plan, and after considerable mourning over the lost "Red Rover," the girls settled themselves in the camp of the tramps to await the return of the boys.
Arriving at Augsburg, the magistrates closed the gates against them, refusing them entrance to that city which, two hundred years before, through Luther and Melancthon and in the presence of Charles V and the assembled Princes of Germany, had given birth to the celebrated Augsburg Confession, for clinging to which the Salzburgers were now driven from their homes; but overawed by the Protestants, the officers reluctantly admitted the emigrants, who were kindly entertained by the Lutherans.
Rosina Schwarz and her child, who had come with them to Hamburg to meet her husband, returned with him to their home in Holstein; and on account of Rosina Neubert's serious illness, she and her husband reluctantly agreed to leave the company, and wait for another opportunity to go to Georgia.
But, however they differed when looked at separately, they shared the same huge, lovable nature in the bulk, which murmured and swayed and quivered all the time the dancing and juggling and love-making went on in front of it, slowly laughed and reluctantly left off laughing, and applauded with a helter-skelter generosity which sometimes became unanimous and overwhelming.
She had waited some time before a figure detached itself from the doorway and came across the road, slowly and reluctantly, to where she stood.
Pitt Fessenden, who reluctantly assumed an office which entailed such heavy responsibilities and hard work, but who made in it a fine record for efficiency.
And the world, for which he owned reluctantly that she yet lived too much, had, nevertheless, seemed rather to enlarge and animate the natural nobleness of her mind, than to fritter it down to the standard of its common votaries.
Albert reluctantly descended to earth and took the battered armchair standing beside the desk.
As the discussion continued, Joe Williams began to realize that both Bettie and Bob knew many things about farming of which he was ignorant-things which, he reluctantly admitted to himself, were of the utmost importance.
Bert's side went reluctantly into the library, and the game began by sending Philip and Katharine into the hall to choose what the others should guess.
As Philip reluctantly assented there was a shout of joy from Bert's side, and an answering chorus of groans from the music-room.
I hate to leave all these interesting things, but I must go home," said Ruth, reluctantly laying the calash on the bed, and taking a last look at the beautiful things displayed there.
All crude and faulty, but showing so much strength, so much individuality and color-sense, that Mr. Hamilton turned the leaves of the little book again and again, and finally laid it down reluctantly, saying: "If I only had time, Marie, I should like to talk them all over with you.
Mildred reluctantly rose, moved toward the door with lingering step.
The gallery, where are the human passions which make this world our world; the gallery, played upon by anger, vengeance, derision, triumph, hate, and love; the gallery, which lingers and applauds long after the fifth curtain, and then goes reluctantly home-to dream.
Therefore, without having seen that great sight, one of the world's tremendous zoological spectacles the march in one body of millions of Caribou-I reluctantly gave the order to start.
Then knowing I could do little more, and realising that everything man could do would be done without me, turned back reluctantly.
Horry admits that he quitted his redoubt and good fare very reluctantly.
The necessity was very reluctantly communicated to the widow by whom the property was owned.

Examples of Reluctantly

Example #1
Mr. Cobb wrote in ignorance of Miss Derrick's having left home.
Example #2
It's from Mr. Cobb; came yesterday, but I didn't care to talk about it then.
Example #3
In the meantime, won't you accept our hospitality for the day?
Example #4
If we don't get our man by six o'clock to-night, then put the matter in the hands of the authorities.
Example #5
The sympathies of Reformed Christendom were awakened on their behalf, and the most hospitable entertainment and assistance were everywhere given them.
Example #6
The Trustees expressed their willingness to grant lands, and to manage any money given toward their expenses, but stated that they then held no funds which were available for that purpose.