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Definition of Rennet

  • A name of many different kinds of apples. Cf. Reinette.
  • The inner, or mucous, membrane of the fourth stomach of the calf, or other young ruminant.
  • an infusion or preparation of the calf stomach lining, used for coagulating milk. The active principle in this coagulating action is the enzyme rennin.
  • a substance that curdles milk in making cheese and junket

How to use rennet in a sentence. Rennet pronunciation.

By jings, if it ain't Bill, I'm a calf's rennet.
The third division, or that between the reticulum, or honeycomb stomach, and the abomasum, or rennet stomach, in the stomach of ruminants; the omasum; the psalterium.
To cause it to become curdled as by the action of rennet.
In the manufacture of cheese the casein of the milk is separated from the other products by the use of rennet, and is collected in large masses and pressed, forming the fresh cheese.
Nay, choose with me to go shepherding, with me to milk the flocks, and to pour the sharp rennet in, and to fix the cheeses.
It came heaving up grandly, a great, round-faced, full-cream, curdy moon, rich with rennet and yellow with butter fats; but by the time we had worked our way south to Naples a greedy fortnight had bitten it quite away, until it was reduced to a mere cheese rind of a moon, set up on end against the delft-blue platter of a perfect sky.

Examples of Rennet

Example #1
Hold on, now, don't you tech me-don't know whether you are Bill or Bill's ghost.
Example #2
Don't tell me nuthin' now, Bill.
Example #3
So called from the numerous folds in its mucous membrane.
Example #4
Gazella mohr), having horns on which are eleven or twelve very prominent rings.
Example #5
The wings are long and the tarsus is spurless.
Example #6
One species (A. Heeji) inhabits Palestine and Arabia.