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Definition of Renter

  • One who rents or leases an estate; -- usually said of a lessee or tenant.
  • To sew together so that the seam is scarcely visible; to sew up with skill and nicety; to finedraw.
  • To restore the original design of, by working in new warp; -- said with reference to tapestry.
  • an owner of property who receives payment for its use by another person
  • someone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is owned by someone else

How to use renter in a sentence. Renter pronunciation.

So Drury, first in roasting flames consumed, Then by old renters to hot water doom'd, By Wyatt's {8} trowel patted, plump and sleek, Soars without wings, and caws without a beak.
She had, he knew, but one real ambition-to live on her 'renter' in Paris near her grandchildren.
She became a subscriber; amazed at being anything _in propria persona_, amazed at her own doings in every way, to be a renter, a chuser of books!
He finds that many years before he was born his country was divided out between certain successful robbers, flatterers, cringers and crawlers, and that in consequence of such division not only he himself, but a large majority of his fellow-men are tenants, renters, occupying the surface of the earth only at the pleasure of others.

Examples of Renter

Example #1
Gallia's stern despot shall in vain advance From Paris, the metropolis of France; By this day month the monster shall not gain A foot of land in Portugal or Spain.
Example #2
And then the villages still further south.
Example #3
If the divorce went through, he had determined on his line with Madame Lamotte.
Example #4
Uneasy doubts and suspicions, the more poignant that he felt himself powerless to check or control the march of events, came crowding upon him.
Example #5
And to be having any one's improvement in view in her choice!
Example #6
There were none in her father's house; but wealth is luxurious and daring, and some of hers found its way to a circulating library.