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Definition of Reported

  • made known or told about; especially presented in a formal account

How to use reported in a sentence. Reported pronunciation.

Emmeline did not care to have it reported that selfish distress made her indifferent to the sufferings of a friend staying in her house.
It is reported that among her papers is a complete manuscript novel by Turgenev, which he gave to her some fifty years ago, on the distinct understanding that it should not be published until ten years after her death.
It is reported that he once said that he would gladly surrender all his literary fame if he had a hearth of his own, where there was a woman who cared whether he came home late or not.
The surface of things, clothes, habits of speech, manners and fashions, the way people enter a drawing-room, the way one inhales a cigarette,-everything is truthfully reported.
Chekhov is durch und durch echt russisch: no one but a Russian would ever have conceived such characters, or reported such conversations.
On the afternoon of Monday, August 20, 1869, I was sent for to visit Mrs. M., who was reported to be very sick.
MAJOR-GENERAL LEONARD WOOD, chief of the U.S.A. General Staff, has reported that the American Army is, practically speaking, unarmed, and advises the immediate expenditure of L1,200,000 for artillery and ammunition.
William, seeing this, at once reported to the Police of Dasima's death.
They found him much improved in personal appearance, and even reported affectionately that his face was fuller and had lost the melancholy cast it used to wear.
It reported directly to Maj.-Gen.
The organization was thus perfected by a single stroke of the general's pen on the 11th of June, theoretically; practically it was the 14th of June before the details from the 12th and 17th Infantry reported, and when they did, instead of being equipped as directed, they carried rifles with 100 rounds of ammunition.
Weigle, of the 9th Infantry, who reported at the same time, carried a revolver.
One object of getting the guns up was to give instruction to the new men who reported on the 14th.
The order was obeyed, and all the circumstances reported to Gen. Shafter the same evening, with the expression of the opinion that if the general wanted the Gatling guns landed, he would have to attend to it personally, because the Gatling gun commander did not have sufficient rank to accomplish it in the face of all these obstacles.
The Engineer Department had reported that the road to the front was impassable for wheeled vehicles, and even the general had apparently thought that four mules per gun would be necessary.
At Siboney the detachment stopped to look after the detail from the 13th Infantry, which had not yet reported.
All the members of this detail reported at once, except Corp. Rose, who had been left by his company commander on board ship.
The detachment safely passed all the bad places and obstacles in the road, arriving at Gen. Wheeler's headquarters about half past 4 o'clock, and reported.
These facts I learned through requests to me for oil. "I therefore report to you that my men found at Altares (the second landing-place) and reported to me four (4) barrels of lard oil and three (3) barrels of cylinder oil, in an old oil-house near the machine shops.
On the 27th of June, Captain Marcotte and the detachment commander made a reconnaissance of a high hill to the left of Camp Wheeler, and, having gained the top, reconnoitered the city of Santiago and its surrounding defenses with a powerful glass, and as a result reported to Gen. Wheeler that the key of Santiago was the Morro mesa, a promontory or tableland overlooking the city on the east side at a distance of about a mile and a half and not at that time occupied by the enemy, with the proposition that a detail of a half-dozen men from the detachment should make a rush and capture this plateau, and hold it until the guns could be brought up.

Examples of Reported

Example #1
It was much wiser to urge this consideration than to make a direct plea for mercy.
Example #2
Mumford, also hearing it, and seeing Cobb's misery-stricken face by the light of the hall lamp, whispered to his wife: 'Hadn't you better go up, dear?
Example #3
We must accordingly wait for this book with what patience we can command.
Example #4
She died in Paris in 1910, at the age of eighty-nine.
Example #5
What direction the influence of Madame Viardot on Turgenev took no one knows.
Example #6
He was essentially a lonely man, and in this household found the only real home he ever knew.