Respectable-were in a sentence

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How to use respectable-were in a sentence. Respectable-were pronunciation.

They were perfectly respectable-were they not?
The heavy, half-closed curtains; the blinds severely drawn; the great room with its splendid furniture, its sober coloring, its scent of damp London winter; above all, Allsopp, silent, respectful, and respectable-were things to dread.

Examples of Respectable-were

Example #1
How this change in her station was to come about Louise offered no hint, and did not seem to think of the matter.
Example #2
Well, to begin with, she would be content with one of the smaller houses; a modest, semidetached little place, like those at the far end of Cedar Road.
Example #3
A full minute passed while he still feigned sleep.
Example #4
For several seconds he lay with his eyes shut; the effort of opening them on a fresh day-the intimate certainty of what he would see on opening them-seemed to weight his lids.