Respice in a sentence

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How to use respice in a sentence. Respice pronunciation.

Respice personam, pone pro duos, bus non est in usu.
Respice ad me, Hegio sum.
Mistris respice finem, respect your end, or rather the prophesie like the Parrat, beware the ropes end Anti.

Examples of Respice

Example #1
Without putting ourselves to any stir or trouble in the least, quoth Pantagruel, let us maturely and seriously consider and perpend the gestures and speech which he hath made and uttered.
Example #2
If I could get up as well as I can swallow down, I had been long ere now very high in the air.
Example #3
That is more than Good Luck does for you, or ever will do, either!
Example #4
Vouchsafe you a look, eh!
Example #5
Enter Adriana, Luciana, Courtizan, and a Schoolemaster, call'd Pinch.
Example #6
I thinke when he hath lam'd me, I shall begge with it from doore to doore.