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Naturally she could produce no very marked results in that brief period, and the remark is made that her work was of necessity of a pioneer and missionary character rather than one of immediate results-a self-evident commentary.
Whether the tremendous war so heroically fought and so victoriously ended shall pass into history a miserable failure, barren of permanent results,-a scandalous and shocking waste of blood and treasure,-a strife for empire, as Earl Russell characterized it, of no value to liberty or civilization,-an attempt to re-establish a Union by force, which must be the merest mockery of a Union,-an effort to bring under Federal authority States into which no loyal man from the North may safely enter, and to bring men into the national councils who deliberate with daggers and vote with revolvers, and who do not even conceal their deadly hate of the country that conquered them; or whether, on the other hand, we shall, as the rightful reward of victory over treason, have a solid nation, entirely delivered from all contradictions and social antagonisms, based upon loyalty, liberty, and equality, must be determined one way or the other by the present session of Congress.
A mule results-a creature so distinctly different from either horse or donkey, that reproduction is baffled, owing to the creature's having nothing but its own knowledge of itself to fall back upon, behind which there comes an immediate dislocation, or fault of memory, which is sufficient to bar identity, and hence reproduction, by rendering too severe an appeal to reason necessary-for no creature can reproduce itself on the shallow foundation which reason can alone give.

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Later women were organizers for brief periods, one being Miss Anna Fitzgerald, of the National Women's Label League.
Example #2
She attended the 1892 convention as a fully accredited delegate.
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The last session really did nothing which can be considered final as to these questions.
Example #4
No political skirmishing will avail.
Example #5
Ordinarily, therefore, the hybrid, or the spermatozoon or ovum, which it may throw off (as the case may be), finds one single experience too small to give it the necessary faith, on the strength of which even to try to reproduce itself.
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