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How to use results in a sentence. Results pronunciation.

From these facts and proceedings it plainly and certainly results- 1.
The investigation occupied about five hours, and the following were the results:- 1.
I obtained my measuring tape from the diahbeeah, which gave the following results:- Feet.
Here are the results:- FREDERIC AND MARY INGHAM.

Examples of Results

Example #1
That one of the fundamental principles on which the Confederation of the United States was originally based was that the waste lands of the West within their limits should be the common property of the United States.
Example #2
With such care have the United States reserved to themselves, in all their acts down to this day, in legislating for the Territories and admitting States into the Union, the unshackled power to execute in good faith the compacts of cession made with the original States.
Example #3
Six wine glasses, filled with water unmesmerised, were placed on a table, and Jane Okey being called in, was requested to drink from each of them successively.
Example #4
On the succeeding day the experiments were repeated upon both the sisters, chiefly with mesmerised water and sovereigns.
Example #5
This great slab of syenite is one of many that have detached and fallen as the original mountain decomposed.
Example #6
At the western base of Regiaf there is a very curious rock supported upon a pedestal, that forms a gigantic table.