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They have no thought of the results-results to them mean nothing save the number of courses that can be sold-and whether or not a single iota of good accrues to the stammerer from this expenditure of money is one of the things in which the correspondence school stammering specialist is not at all interested.
This utterance was admirably oracular, being susceptible of cogent quotation by both sides: nothing could be in better form from an orthodox point of view; but, with that statesmanlike forecast which the present Pope has shown more than once in steering the bark of St. Peter over the troubled waves of the nineteenth century, he so far abstained from condemning any of the greater results of modern critical study that the main English defender of the encyclical, the Jesuit Father Clarke, did not hesitate publicly to admit a multitude of such results-results, indeed, which would shock not only Italian and Spanish Catholics, but many English and American Protestants.
Still, her intervention led to peculiar results-results, curiously enough, in which she was not in the least concerned.

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Example #1
The most that can be expected from the very best mail course for the cure of stammering is that the subscriber will receive information worth as much as that which might be in a library book.
Example #2
They simply sit down and write-and when they have it written, they send it to the printer, have it printed and then split these printed sheets up into ten, or twenty, or fifty, or a hundred lessons-whatever their fancy may dictate, and begin to sell them.
Example #3
So far as is known, he never uttered a word publicly against the reality of magic, and under his successor in the electorate witch trials were resumed.
Example #4
Even a man so strong by family connections, and enjoying such great temporal and spiritual power as Schonborn, dared not openly give his reasons for this change of policy.
Example #5
She simply comes into the story for a moment, and then goes out of it; but her part is an important one.
Example #6
She is only an episode.