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I saw, as I wrote, with painful clearness its sure results,-the Slave Power arrogant and defiant, strengthened and encouraged to carry out its scheme for the extension of its baleful system, or the dissolution of the Union, the guaranties of personal liberty in the free States broken down, and the whole country made the hunting-ground of slave-catchers.
We no longer wonder at results-the only wonder is, that they were not foreseen.

Examples of Results-the

Example #1
In the horror of such a vision, so soon fearfully fulfilled, if one spoke at all, he could only speak in tones of stern and sorrowful rebuke.
Example #2
On the contrary my admiration of the splendid personality and intellectual power of the great Senator was never stronger than when I laid down his speech, and, in one of the saddest moments of my life, penned my protest.
Example #3
Wise maxims, some of the garnered grains of our fathers' experiences, are scattered through the books we read, and daily fall from the lips of teachers and friends; maxims which, if observed, would lead us to honor and happiness.
Example #4
In looking back upon life, we see the sure progress of causes to effects; and in the effects, the quality of the causes.