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Definition of Resume

  • To take back.
  • To enter upon, or take up again.
  • To begin again; to recommence, as something which has been interrupted; as, to resume an argument or discourse.
  • a summary of your academic and work history
  • short descriptive summary (of events)
  • take up or begin anew
  • return to a previous location or condition
  • give a summary (of)
  • assume anew

How to use resume in a sentence. Resume pronunciation.

Now the idea possessed her that she must resume her practising, and to-day she had spent hours at the piano, with painful effect upon Mrs. Mumford's nerves.
My friend! resume your literary work!
Not long since, he was made to look at this as a sin, and tried to break off the habit, abstaining, with an alarming reaction, till five physicians declared that death would ensue, if he did not resume it.
He spoke but little-was full of thought, now praying, now walking about the room, next sitting in a crouching posture-then suddenly starting up and going to the door, turning his eyes toward heaven, as if looking for some celestial phenomenon, when he would return again, groan in spirit, and resume his seat.
The task immediately before her seemed very simple; she had only to resume the old habits, and guard against thoughtless self-betrayal in her everyday talk.
But in August came her baby's first illness; for nearly a fortnight she was away from home, and on her return, though no anxiety remained, she found it difficult to resume work.
Well, let us resume the subject.
Harriet was about to resume her seat at the table, when she paused sharply, raising her hand as a signal for silence.
Ingham accompanied Toeltschig to Mr. Causton, who at once began to argue the matter, and a spirited debate ensued, of which the following is a resume.
Then he stood in front of the fire so that she should not resume her position.
It was a warm evening for the time of year, and even in those gray streets of South London there was the languor of February; nature is restless then after the long winter months, growing things awake from their sleep, and there is a rustle in the earth, a forerunner of spring, as it resumes its eternal activities.
At length becoming tired and listless, I determined to return to the dingle, and resume the reading of the Bible at the place where I had left off.
Ralph waited for her to resume her sentence, but she said no more. "I have a message to give your father," he remarked.
When Katharine rose, with a profound sigh, to resume her duties, Ralph went with her, and neither of them formulated any guess, on their way downstairs, as to who this anonymous lady might prove to be.
He must trust to me, and he has promised to give me a resume of their disclosures also after they leave.
The same desire of public benefit which induced him to suspend his work, has since engaged him to resume it, and though it may not possess the same merit as if it had appeared under the circumstances that gave rise to it, yet he imagines that at a time when new passions are bursting forth,-passions that must communicate their activity to the religious opinions of men,-it is of importance to disseminate such moral truths as are calculated to operate as a curb and restraint.
According to them, it would seem, that God whimsical and capricious, is angered or appeased as a man: that he loves and hates alternately; that he punishes or favors; that, weak or wicked, he broods over his hatred; that, contradictory or perfidious, he lays snares to entrap; that he punishes the evils he permits; that he foresees but hinders not crimes; that, like a corrupt judge, he is bribed by offerings; like an ignorant despot, he makes laws and revokes them; that, like a savage tyrant, he grants or resumes favors without reason, and can only be appeased by servility.
A general shout then arose from every part of the assembly; and the nations universally, and with one voice, testified their assent to the proposals of the delegates: "Resume," said they, "your holy and sublime labors, and bring them to perfection.
Well, we will resume this subject when I return.
And now it would not be at all amiss to make Count Rosalvo sit down quietly between the good old Doge and his lovely niece; and then cause him to relate the motive of Monaldeschi's hatred, in what manner he lost Valeria, what crimes were imputed to him, and how he escaped from the assassins sent in pursuit of him by his enemy; how he had long wandered from place to place, and how he had at length learned, during his abode in Bohemia with a gang of gipsies, such means of disguising his features as enabled him to defy the keenest penetration to discover in the beggar Abellino the once admired Count Rosalvo; how in this disguise he had returned to Italy; and how Lomellino, having ascertained that he was universally believed at Naples to have long since perished by shipwreck, and therefore that neither the officers of the Inquisition, nor the assassins of his enemies were likely to trouble themselves any more about him, he had ventured to resume, with some slight alterations, his own appearance at Venice; how the arrival of Monaldeschi had obliged him to conceal himself, till an opportunity offered of presenting himself to the Prince when unattended, and of demanding satisfaction for his injuries; how he had been himself wounded in several places by his antagonist, though the combat finally terminated in his favour; how he had resolved to make use of Monaldeschi's death to terrify Andreas still further, and of Parozzi's conspiracy to obtain Rosabella's hand of the Doge; how he had trembled lest the heart of his mistress should have been only captivated by the romantic appearance of the adventurer Flodoardo, and have rejected him when known to be the bravo Abellino; how he had resolved to make use of the terror inspired by the assassin to put her love to the severest trial; and how, had she failed in that trial, he had determined to renounce the inconstant maid for ever; with many other HOWS, WHYS, and WHEREFORES, which, not being explained, will, I doubt, leave much of this tale involved in mystery: but before I begin Rosalvo's history, I must ask two questions-First-do my readers like the manner in which I relate adventures?

Examples of Resume

Example #1
After dinner she offered to play to Mumford, and he, good-natured fellow, stood by her to turn over the leaves.
Example #2
In her school-days, Louise had learned to "play the piano," but, caring little or nothing for music, she had hardly touched a key for several years.
Example #3
It is your gift, which comes from whence comes everything else.
Example #4
I write to tell you how happy I am to have been your contemporary, and to send you one last petition.
Example #5
He once swallowed, in the presence of several physicians, a dose which it was calculated would destroy the lives of two hundred ordinary men.
Example #6
A similar case was that of a carpenter, in Brooklyn, N.Y., who, from taking morphine to allay the pain of a fractured leg, fell into its habitual use, till he almost lived upon it for several years after his recovery.