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How to use retrenching in a sentence. Retrenching pronunciation.

This attitude led Caesar to resolve upon leaving twenty cohorts under arms, and on tracing a camp on this spot and retrenching it.
The task of modifying and retrenching his plans contrasted drearily with the hopeful activity of the past months, but he had an iron capacity for hard work under adverse conditions, and the fact of being too busy for thought helped him to wear through the days.
He had a vague thought at first of retrenching his expenditure, and making young Randal Leslie his heir.
His conversation had in it something peculiar; generally it assumed a quick, short, abrupt turn, that, retrenching all superfluities of pronoun and conjunction, and marching at once upon the meaning of the sentence, had in it a military and Spartan significance, which betrayed how difficult it often is for a man to forget that he has been a corporal.
She constantly advised young married couples as to the judicious expenditure of money, and pressed on Magdalen the necessity of retrenching in exasperating directions, namely, where a minute economy entailed a colossal inconvenience.
A Second Edition of the following Work having been demanded by the Booksellers, the Author has availed himself of the opportunity to correct many verbal inaccuracies, to add some general reflections, and to alter materially those parts of it which were most hastily prepared for the press, particularly the Journal in the Second Volume, by retrenching a number of particulars of partial interest, and substituting more general observations on the state of the country, supplied by his own recollection and that of his fellow-travellers.

Examples of Retrenching

Example #1
When the works were completed the legions were placed before the retrenchments and the cavalry distributed with their horses bridled at the outposts.
Example #2
The barbarians, rendered confident by the advantage of their position, were ready to accept battle if the Romans dared to attack the mountain; besides, they were afraid to withdraw their troops successively, as, if divided, they might have been thrown into disorder.
Example #3
This pressure of work relieved him, at first, from too close consideration of his relation to Bessy.
Example #4
Meanwhile the issues ahead had at least the merit of keeping him busy.
Example #5
But when he first saw the clever Eton boy, his feelings did not warm to him, though his intellect appreciated Randal's quick, keen talents.
Example #6
He inly resolved never to marry again.