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How to use reuolution in a sentence. Reuolution pronunciation.

Mr. Abraham Fraunce translates two verses of Heliodorus thus:- Now had fyery Phlegon his dayes reuolution ended, And his snoring snowt with salt waues all to bee washed.
Reuolution, if wee had the tricke to see't.
The present pleasure, By reuolution lowring, does become The opposite of it selfe: she's good being gon, The hand could plucke her backe, that shou'd her on.

Examples of Reuolution

Example #1
Witty Tom Nash was right enough when he called this kind of stuff, "that drunken, staggering kinde of verse which is all vp hill and downe hill, like the waye betwixt Stamford and Beechfeeld, and goes like a horse plunging through the myre in the deep of winter, now soust up to the saddle, and straight aloft on his tiptoes.
Example #2
My life for an haulfpennie (Trojans), etc.
Example #3
Did these bones cost no more the breeding, but to play at Loggets with 'em?
Example #4
A Pickhaxe and a Spade, a Spade, for and a shrowding-Sheete: O a Pit of Clay for to be made, for such a Guest is meete Ham.
Example #5
I must from this enchanting Queene breake off, Ten thousand harmes, more then the illes I know My idlenesse doth hatch.
Example #6
There's a great Spirit gone, thus did I desire it: What our contempts doth often hurle from vs, We wish it ours againe.