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Definition of Revetment

  • A facing of wood, stone, or any other material, to sustain an embankment when it receives a slope steeper than the natural slope; also, a retaining wall.
  • a facing (usually masonry) that supports an embankment
  • a barrier against explosives

How to use revetment in a sentence. Revetment pronunciation.

The wheels were taken off and laid on the ground in the rear of the pieces; sand-bag revetments were built up in front of the guns, and each crew divided into two reliefs.
The works having in view this conservative object may be generally designated works of revetment; and these also will be largely of brushwood, woven in continuous carpets, or twined into wire-netting.
The levee is the crowning work of bank revetment, although not necessarily in immediate connection.
The ultimate effect of levees and revetments confining the floods and bringing all the stages of the river into register is to deepen the channel and let down the slope.
The actual experience with levees upon the Mississippi River, with no attempt to hold the banks, has been favorable, and no one can doubt, upon the evidence furnished in the reports of the commission, that if the earliest levees had been accompanied by revetment of banks, and made complete, we should have to-day a river navigable at low water, and an adjacent country safe from inundation.

Examples of Revetment

Example #1
One relief was required to be constantly at the gun and always ready for instant action.
Example #2
Three of the Gatling guns had been placed in the trench on the night of July 3d.
Example #3
This veneering process has been successfully employed on the Missouri River; and in some cases they have so covered themselves with sediments, and have become so overgrown with willows, that they may be regarded as permanent.
Example #4
Through the larger part of the river works of contraction will not be required, but nearly all the banks on the concave side of the beds must be held against the wear of the stream, and much of the opposite banks defended at critical points.
Example #5
It may be set back a short distance from the revetted bank; but it is, in effect, the requisite parapet.
Example #6
Any one who has been on the Rhine will have observed operations not unlike those to which we have just referred; and, indeed, most of the rivers of Europe flowing among their own alluvia have required similar treatment in the interest of navigation and agriculture.