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Louis "Reville," February 12, 1848.
From the former school has arisen the movement seen in Colani and Reville; from the latter, that seen in Vinet and Pressensé.
Reville and Colani advance very much farther.
Emile_, 188; Scherer on Hegel, 266, 398; Reville on Parker, 324; on Comte, 296; Moleschott, 438; Young Hegelians, 438; Reville on Holland, 446; Renan on metaphysics, 303. Revue Germanique, on Lessing, 224; on Gospels, 267.
Rev._ Jan. 1860, and especially by A. Reville in the _Revue des Deux Mondes_, Oct. 1861.
Among other writers who have treated this subject may be cited Reville, in an article published in the _Nouvelle Revue_, 1884, and Rochefort in his _Histoire naturelle et morale des isles Antilles_.] There is another fact I think I should not omit.
But during the past ten years France has entered the lists; and the writings of Reville, Reuss, Nicolas, D'Eichthal, Scherer, and Colani testify to the rapidity with which the German seed has fructified upon her soil.
Histoire du Dogme de la Divinite de Jesus-Christ, par Albert Reville.
Jesus, in reward for his perfect goodness, was admitted to a share in the privileges of this Pneuma (Reville, p. 39).
Here, as M. Reville observes, though a Gnostic idea is adopted, Jesus is nevertheless viewed as ascending humanity, and not as descending divinity.
As M. Reville observes, "if the doctrine of the Logos were really to be applied to the person of Jesus, it was necessary to remodel the evangelical history.
Indeed, as M. Reville well observes, it is part of the very notion of the Logos that it should be imperfect relatively to the absolute God; since it is only its relative imperfection which allows it to sustain relations to the world and to men which are incompatible with absolute perfection, from the Philonian point of view.
The latter writer thinks that Lessing was a Christian of the liberal school since represented by Theodore Parker in this country and by M. Reville in France; that his real object was to defend and strengthen the Christian religion by relieving it of those peculiar doctrines which to the freethinkers of his time were a stumbling-block and an offence.

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Some idea of the composition of the white population may be gathered from the following statement as to the nationality of the larger portion: English, 22; German, 27; Irish, 14; Scotch, 14: born in the United States, 228; Californians, 89. Previously to the first of April, 1847, there had been erected in the town 79 buildings, nearly all of which had been erected within the two years preceding, whereas in the next four months 78 more had been constructed.
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San Francisco, last August, contained 459 souls, of whom 375 were whites, four-fifths of these being under 40 years of age.
Example #3
The former is a change which has passed over the old Latitudinarian school, much like those which in Germany have taken the place of the teaching of such men as Reinhard and Bretschneider.
Example #4
At the beginning of the century the French protestant church held an unpietistic kind of supernaturalism, not very unlike that of Reinhard in Germany, of which the best living type is the eloquent and learned A. Cocquerel _pére_. About 1820 an awakening of the spiritual life of the church took place, under the action of the Spirit of God primarily, and through the agency of such ministrations as those of Adolphe Monod instrumentally.
Example #5
The other movement, of which Vinet of Lausanne was the cause, has sprung from the application of science to the newly-spreading views of evangelical religion.
Example #6
His stand-point may be compared to that of Schleiermacher, or of the school of Groningen.