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How to use revrend in a sentence. Revrend pronunciation.

And hence some rev'rend men approve Of rosemary in making love.
Spare that vaine teare, Enough to burst the rev'rend sepulcher.
Perceive you not a gentle, gliding heat, And quick'ning warmth, that makes the statua sweat; As rev'rend Ducaleon's black-flung stone, Whose rough outside softens to skin, anon Each crusty vein with wet red is suppli'd, Whilst nought of stone but in its heart doth 'bide.
Arise, thou rev'rend shade, great Johnson, rise!

Examples of Revrend

Example #1
All gazed on each other in silence; some with looks expressing the most heartfelt satisfaction, and others with glances of envy and surprise.
Example #2
No, no, the church was never led by Moses, nor by one mightier than he, whose doctrine it has equally nullified-I allude to Krishna in his second avatar; the church, it is true, governs in his name, but not unfrequently gives him the lie, if he happens to have said anything which it dislikes.
Example #3
But you are dumbe, as what you do lament More senseles then her very monument, Which at your weaknes weeps.
Example #4
Virgins, if thus you dare but courage take To follow her in life, else through this lake Of Nature wade, and breake her earthly bars, Y' are fixt with her upon a throne of stars, Arched with a pure Heav'n chrystaline, Where round you love and joy for ever shine.
Example #5
Thou, who that vast Double advantage from one-ey'd Heav'n hast, Look with one sun, though 't but obliquely be, And if not shine, vouchsafe to wink on me.
Example #6
My self congeal'd, a man cut out in snow: Return those living fires.