Rickollect in a sentence

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How to use rickollect in a sentence. Rickollect pronunciation.

Why, I rickollect when they sorter looked down on Conkwright because his father wa'n't born in the South.
Rickollect the dusty wall, And the spider-webs, and all!
Rickollect them paddles jest Knock the bubbles galley-west, And plunge under, and come up Drippin' like a worter-pup!

Examples of Rickollect

Example #1
All the good folks ain't huddled together in one community, I tell you; and this knockin' round has opened my eyes mightily.
Example #2
When I told these here folks where I was from I braced myself, expectin' to have a fight right there, but I want to tell you that I was never better treated in my life.
Example #3
Then we'd climb the stairs, and play In the bran-bins half the day!
Example #4
What did he keer where we went-?
Example #5
And in mem'ry, loafin' still Down around old Kingry's Mill!
Example #6
But ef ever he got mad, He kep' still and never showed it.