Rifting in a sentence

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How to use rifting in a sentence. Rifting pronunciation.

Dick then set to work to prepare our fishing gear, and in the course of the evening not only made a netting pin and needle, but manufactured a landing-net, which would serve the double purpose of catching some small fish for bait, and rifting up any larger fish likely to break our tackle should we attempt to haul them out of the water.
Crystal waters rifting over fields of beautiful stones.
Glitter on the mountain heights you rifting specters bright.

Examples of Rifting

Example #1
Darkness now came on, and at last we had to give up all hope of seeing our friends that night.
Example #2
Though we began to feel somewhat anxious about them, the smell of the roast-duck made us so hungry that we could not resist the temptation of eating our share without waiting for them.
Example #3
The bedellium and onyx stones and much gold abounding in and about the waters.
Example #4
A river run through the Garden.
Example #5
Marching on you hosts of the senless quite.
Example #6
O blow on the rocks of time you silent winds divine.