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How to use right in a sentence. Right pronunciation.

It takes you into space all right,” Metaxa snorted.
All right, all right,” Jakes said.
Oh, he exists all right, all right,” Sid Jakes said happily.
I suppose you’re right,” he said.
All right, all right,” Mouley Hassan admitted.
I think perhaps you’re right,” Tog said finally.
I guess he was a crank all right,” said the man conclusively.
I’m all right,” called Stoddard reassuringly, still at my back.
Bates is all right,” Larry declared, with an emphasis that was meant to rebuke me.
All right, all right,” the German said.
You tidied them up all right,” Steve grumbled.
A _quantity_ is right,” Steve Hackett blurted.
The “divine right,” by grace of which they ruled, was the right of divine birth.
Oh, I guess it will come out all right,” is not trusting.
It is not right,” the three kept saying, when they heard of Eleanore’s visits.
Quite right,” interrupted Jason Philip, “you allude to the fight against Bismarck.
Quite right, quite right,” nodded the apothecary.
Right,” screamed Herr Carovius, “there are three of them, too.
You have been served just right,” remarked the intruder with the Hessian boots.
You served the villain right,” broke out Mr. Esmond, “and he has lost a crown by what you told him.

Examples of Right

Example #1
At least it will after a few months of indoctrination.
Example #2
It takes me into space?
Example #3
Ronny Bronston heard the office girl’s voice answer snappishly.
Example #4
Send it in when it comes.
Example #5
Matter of fact, I almost ran into him a few years ago.
Example #6
You’re one of those who believes he exists?