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How to use right-foot in a sentence. Right-foot pronunciation.

And setting his right-foot before, He rais'd himself, to shew how tall His person was above them all.
I did not realize what this meant {it meant 41 right-foot shoes [for he was extravagant (and I was economical[C]) to a degree] in his dressing closet} until he died.
Pumps Sixty-two right-foot shoes, ^{toe to heel,} they reached from my bedroom[F] to the stairs.

Examples of Right-foot

Example #1
Thus his conduct during the last few months, his strange ways, his fancy for his child and for his wife, his assiduous tenderness toward her, were nothing more than the hypocritical meditation of a new crime-a mask which he was preparing in advance.
Example #2
They were "good and true sons of God, and at the same time skillful workmen," with such a variety of handicrafts as to render them largely independent of outside assistance in the settlement which they proposed to make; and all but Haberecht were religious refugees from Moravia and adjacent parts of Bohemia.
Example #3
Example #4
My second marriage WOULD have been happy, but my husband met with a distressing accident, which necessitated an amputation ^{of his right leg} of his wrong leg.
Example #5
I was in despair when a small-footed man named Box proposed to me.
Example #6
I looked at his feet and accepted him.