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How to use risk-but in a sentence. Risk-but pronunciation.

He is taking a big risk-but he's winning!
They are most of them old, and few would take the road again, but scarce one but has trained up his son or grandson to the work; not to practice it,-the hand of the whites was too heavy before, and the gains are not large enough to tempt men to run the risk-but they teach them for the love of the art.
Our physicians have discovered that the small and tender sides of an infant Polygon of the higher class can be fractured, and his whole frame re-set, with such exactness that a Polygon of two or three hundred sides sometimes-by no means always, for the process is attended with serious risk-but sometimes overleaps two or three hundred generations, and as it were double at a stroke, the number of his progenitors and the nobility of his descent.

Examples of Risk-but

Example #1
He knows, but he hasn't made a report of it to Strang because he believes that in some way he will get hold of the money.
Example #2
Thought I'd bury it, perhaps," vouchsafed Nathaniel, throwing himself upon the straw.
Example #3
To a worshiper of the goddess there is a joy in a cleverly contrived plan and in casting the roomal round the neck of the victim, that can never die.
Example #4
Most of the latter whom death has spared are free now, and with many of them have I talked.
Example #5
Many a promising child is sacrificed in this way.
Example #6
Art also steps in to help the process of higher Evolution.