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Upstairs were rooms with no ceilings, where, lying on a corn-husk bed, you reached up and touched the sloping roof, with windows at the end only, facing the buckwheat field, and looking down two miles towards the main road-for the farm was on a concession or side-road, dusty in summer, and in winter sometimes impassable for weeks together.
He was thinking what a dreary tramp home it would be by the road-for the wind was threatening to wake, and in a snow-wind the moor was a place to be avoided-when he struck his foot against something soft, in the path his own feet had worn to the wilderness, and fell over it.
The progress now, however, was considerably slower, not owing to a road-for that became better-but probably owing to caution exercised by the cowboy guide.

Examples of Road-for

Example #1
It was not much of a home, as any one with the mind's eye can see, but four stalwart men and three fine women had been born, raised, and quartered there, until, with good clothes, and speaking decent English and tolerable French, and with money in their pockets, hardly got by the old people, one by one they issued forth into the world.
Example #2
There was the buttery off that, with its meagre china and crockery, its window looking out on the field of rye, the little orchard of winter apples, and the hedge of cranberry bushes.
Example #3
A groan followed, and John rose with the miserable feeling of having hurt some creature.
Example #4
It would lie feet deep over the moor before the morning!
Example #5
At the end of a half hour this marked deliberation changed, and the horses followed Ladd's at a gait that put Gale to his best walking-paces.
Example #6
Presently Lash went to the rear and Ladd started ahead.