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Sometimes they slept in their tent, or again in road-houses and in Indian villages.
Leaving the crest of the ridge behind, the dogs began to run; they soon brought up in a tangle at the road-house door.
The travelers put up that night at the Tin Road-house, a comfortless shack sheathed with flattened kerosene cans, and Folsom's irritation at his new partner increased, for Harkness was loud, boastful, and blatantly egotistical, with the egotism that accompanies dense ignorance.
Leaving the last road-house behind them, they came into a hilly section of great white domes, high hog-backs, and ramifying creeks, each one exactly like its neighbor; two days' travel through this, according to Harkness, should have brought them to the Imnachuck, where there was food and shelter again.
They left their stove and tent and grub-box behind, planning to make a road-house every night except during the long jump from the Imnachuck to Crooked River.
By some miracle of good luck, or as a result of some unsuspected power of resistance, he finally came raving into the Crooked River Road-house.
Why, you would not compare a berth at a place like that with the situation of ostler at my inn, the first road-house in England!
The road-house in question had always been one of the most destructive influences in the mill-colony, and Amherst had made one or two indirect attempts to have the building converted to other uses; but the persistent opposition he encountered gave colour to the popular report that the manager took a high toll from the landlord.
He was ready with a dozen good reasons against the purchase of the road-house; but here also he proceeded with a discretion unexampled in his dealings with his subordinates.
This came as such a surprise to Amherst that before he had collected himself he found Truscomb ambiguously but unmistakably offering him-with the practised indirection of the man accustomed to cover his share in such transactions-a substantial "consideration" for dropping the matter of the road-house.
Suddenly, however, it became known that the proprietor of the road-house had decided not to sell.
There were half a dozen versions of the story, Jimmie found; some declared that the outraged husband had caught young Granitch in his home and had fetched a surgeon there; others that he had taken him to a hospital; others that the operation had been performed in a road-house near by.
Enough of his strength soon came back to make real walks possible and during the second week, with a two-horse team and a side-bar buggy, they managed, without any ill effect upon him, an excursion across the valley and up the opposite mountainside to a log cabin road-house where they had lunch.
At last they came to a region which was neither country nor city, where the road-houses were still in evidence, where the glass roofs of greenhouses caught the burning rays of the sun, where yards filled with marble blocks and half-finished tombstones appeared, and then they turned into the gates of Winterbourne.
Not a hummock, road, road-house, even to farmers' residences and blacksmith's shop of which he did not have exact knowledge.
The shift from Pig's Knuckles to Ambrosia and Nectar had been a little sudden for Elam, and sometimes, when they were darting hither and thither, from Road-House to Play-House and thence to the Louis XIV Sitting-Room by way of the Tango-Joint, he would moan a little and act like a Quitter.
Maga left Will's side then, for there was iron-embedded custom to be observed about this matter of entering a road-house.
As over-contractor on the Baghdad railway I have the privilege of prior accommodation at all road-houses in this province-for myself and my attendants.
According to Kagig it is time to go, before Turks come to take vengeance for a burned road-house.

Examples of Road-house

Example #1
Every hour Laughing Bill grew stronger, and with his strength of body grew his strength of affection for the youthful doctor.
Example #2
It was a slow and tiresome trip, along the dreary shores of Behring Sea, over timberless tundras, across inlets where the new ice bent beneath their weight and where the mail-carrier cautiously tested the footing with the head of his ax.
Example #3
When Harkness did not appear in answer to his name Folsom entered, to find his trail-mate at the bar, glass in hand.
Example #4
Folsom's damp body began to chill, so he spoke to his team and once more heaved upon the handle-bars.
Example #5
The weather held cold, the snow remained as dry as sand, so they made slow progress, and the husband had ample time to meditate upon his wrongs, but the more he considered them the less acutely they smarted him and the gentler became his thoughts of Lois.
Example #6
He remembered the malice that rides the winter winds, the mischief that comes to Arctic widows, and he grew apprehensive.