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And her lips twitched again as she looked round the room-so small to her.
On reaching the house in Welland Bottom the door was opened to her by old Hannah, who wore an assiduously sorrowful look; and Lady Constantine was shown into the large room,-so wide that the beams bent in the middle,-where she took her seat in one of a methodic range of chairs, beneath a portrait of the Reverend Mr. St. Cleeve, her astronomer's erratic father.
Into the place of the wound made by the spear of Longinus, he had introduced a strip of crystal which caught the light at certain angles-more particularly when there were lighted tapers in the room-so that in reflecting this it seemed to shed forth luminous rays.
What hurt her most was to give up her room,-so nice for poor Loulou!

Examples of Room-so

Example #1
She bit her lip, and, as a measure of prudence to avoid breaking down, she bustled out to the cabman.
Example #2
For a moment the sisters were alone together in the parlour.
Example #3
The eight unwatered dying plants, in the row of eight flower-pots, denoted that there was something wrong in the house.
Example #4
It was about ten days after this unhappy occurrence that Lady Constantine learnt the news, as above described, and hastened along to the homestead in that state of anguish in which the heart is no longer under the control of the judgment, and self-abandonment even to error, verges on heroism.
Example #5
An odd thing was that my mother-who looked upon that Crucifix with eyes that were very different from mine-would be at pains in the evening when lights were fetched to set a taper at such an angle as was best calculated to produce the effect upon which the sculptor had counted.
Example #6
And to me the ghastliest and most pitiful thing of all was an artifice which its maker had introduced for the purpose of conveying some suggestion of the supernatural to that mangled, malformed, less than human representation.