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For the discovery that the relics of St. Rosaria at Palermo are simply the bones of a goat, see Gordon, Life of Buckland, pp.
Arnaldus Villanovanus, or Arnold de Villeneuve, was a distinguished French chemist and physician of the fourteenth century; his "Rosarium Philosophorum" was a favourite text-book with the alchemists of the generations that succeeded.
In the fifth act, Teraminta was made to discover the merits of Eugenio (the F. F.), and to feel a partiality for him too late; for he announced that he had bestowed his hand and estate upon Rosaria, a country lass, endowed with every virtue.

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In the early Church, as we have seen, the idea of a creation direct, material, and by means like those used by man, was all-powerful for the exclusion of conceptions based on evolution.
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Among the Romans Lucretius caught much from it, extending the evolutionary process virtually to all things.
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Of cursing ought each guilty man to dread, For curse will slay right as assoiling* saveth; *absolving And also 'ware him of a significavit<53>.
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And knew their counsel, and was of their rede*.
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This is, in fact, what distinguishes his compositions from all others of the same kind, that they are equally remote from caricature, and from mere still life....
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But it must be owned that the audience yawned through the play; and that it perished on the third night, with only half a dozen persons to behold its agonies.