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How to use rose-bordered in a sentence. Rose-bordered pronunciation.

He found himself lost in a labyrinth of green and rose-bordered walks.
On the last occasion Mercedes returned to find Dick staring disconsolately at the rose-bordered path, where Nell had evidently vanished.
At the gate puffed the big car, a person in livery rang the bell, and Mrs. Weatherstone kissed her friend warmly, and passed like a heavy shadow along the rose-bordered path.
Collaton went out West to superintend the reclaiming of some thousands of acres of arid land, while Johnny stayed here to sell rose-bordered farms to romantic city home seekers.
It was the "Fairchance" that the boys had planned so long, with its rose-bordered paths, the orchard and garden and outlying fields.

Examples of Rose-bordered

Example #1
He strolled around, discovering that the patio was a courtyard, open at an end; but he failed to discover the young ladies.
Example #2
He had not as yet visited the patio, and surprise and delight were in store for him.
Example #3
The Spanish girl was wonderful in her divination.
Example #4
On the few occasions that Dick had been left alone with her in the patio Nell had grown suddenly unresponsive and restrained, or she had left him on some transparent pretext.
Example #5
In the tonneau sat a massive old lady in sober silks, with a set impassive countenance, severely correct in every feature, and young Mat Weatherstone, sulky because he had to ride with his grandmother now and then.
Example #6
And she certainly saves me a great deal of trouble.