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How to use roseville in a sentence. Roseville pronunciation.

Under the impression that the child had nothing seriously wrong with her, my brother went to Roseville, Illinois, to begin a series of meetings.
So in spite of the fact that my brother thought that his labors at Roseville ended without results, many souls have been brought into the kingdom.
I arrived at Roseville about twelve days after my brother had prayed for the little girl and found him already beginning to break out.
Roseville Brackenbury, whose father, a former Peninsular officer, and member of an old Lincolnshire family, resided temporarily at Horncastle, in order to place his son under Dr. Smith, entered the East India Company’s service, in the Bengal Presidency.

Examples of Roseville

Example #1
When the meeting had continued about a week, my brother began to be sick.
Example #2
The mother's answer was, "None to speak of," and they reached the conclusion that the pimples on her lip were fever-sores.
Example #3
At least four ministers and four other workers at The Trumpet office, besides a score of other souls, have entered God's service through this sister's influence.
Example #4
Both are now ministers in this reformation.
Example #5
We learned that the other minister who had been with him, took the disease about the same time.
Example #6
Two weeks before this God gave me the same scripture, with the impression that I should see its fulfilment in the near future.