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Pharo-banks, roulette-tables, and gambling of all kinds, are publicly permitted; but the proprietor of each establishment pays a tax of 5000 dollars per annum.
What I did notice, however, was a faro-layout and a hazard-board, but as no one was playing at either, my eye quickly travelled to a roulette-table which stretched along the middle of the room.
The roulette-table needs no introduction when curious sequences are afoot.
Two roulette-tables were now going full blast, the larger crowd still about DeLong's.
Then it was with the gloating look of the gambler who swings from the roulette-table with the winnings of a great coup, cynical joy in his eyes that he has beaten the Bank, conquered the dark spirit which has tricked him so often.
Krool passed almost stealthily out. Al'mah looked round the rather formal sitting-room, with its somewhat incongruous furnishing-leopard-skins from Bechuanaland; lion-skins from Matabeleland; silver-mounted tusks of elephants from Eastern Cape Colony and Portuguese East Africa; statues and statuettes of classical subjects; two or three Holbeins, a Rembrandt, and an El Greco on the walls; a piano, a banjo, and a cornet; and, in the corner, a little roulette-table.
But when she saw the banjo, the cornet, and the roulette-table, a deep little laugh rose to her full red lips. "How like a subaltern, or a colonial civil servant!
He was a powerful figure in the financial inner circle; but he was one of those who frequented De Lancy Scovel's house; and he had, in his own house, a roulette-table and a card-room like a banqueting-hall.
The wheel turned on the roulette-table, the ball clattered.
At the same time, a neat little roulette-table made its appearance from a hiding-place in a sofa.
We'll put a roulette-table in a back room of the Elkhorn, pool the bank against you, and have you buck us.
The faro- and roulette-tables were busy and quiet.
If he bought a stack of chips at a sleepy roulette-table, inside five minutes a dozen players were around him.
Apropos of these, the roulette-table was placed in the Homburg Museum, where it may be seen amid many Roman relics.
Two or three years ago, while I was in the room, there came in a small party of English or Yankee looking or gazing tourists, to whom the attendant pointed out the roulette-table.

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The _theatre d'Orleans_ on Sunday evenings, is generally crowded with beautiful French women.
Example #2
The town of Urbana, in Ohio, this year (1830) has been nearly destroyed by a visitation of this nature.
Example #3
Some ten or a dozen men in evening clothes were gathered watching with intent faces the spinning wheel.
Example #4
Of course I did not notice all this at first.
Example #5
But no true gambler will believe it, monsieur, or at least act on it.
Example #6
It was almost unprecedented. DeLong, with a stifled oath, leaned back and scanned the faces about the table.