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How to use rounded-to in a sentence. Rounded-to pronunciation.

The vessel in front came nearer and nearer; and presently she rounded-to under the _Muscadine's_ stern, the old well-known Union Jack of Old England floating up to the masthead the while, and a hearty voice hailing the merchantman through a speaking-trumpet from her quarter-deck, not half a cable's length away, in true nautical fashion- "Ship ahoy!
It was now clear to windward on the weather-bow; and, every now and then, distinctly visible. "Put the helm down, slack off the sheet!" cried the captain; and, as the _Sea Rover_ rounded-to, with the floating object under her lee, it could be seen that it was the boat which David and Jonathan had perceived passing them, bottom upwards, just before they were struck by the squall.
The stranger-a tall and stately ship of some two hundred and forty tons measurement-was now close aboard of the dismasted lugger; and well was it for the occupants of the latter that such was the case; for as the ship cleverly rounded-to, with her topsails lowered, alongside and to windward of the boat, so near was the latter to foundering that the bow wave of the rescuing craft completed the disaster by surging in over the gunwale in sufficient volume to fill her; and down she went, at the precise moment when some half a dozen ropes, hurled by the sailors above, came whirling down about the shoulders of Dick and Stukely. "Haul away!" shouted the two, with one accord, each grasping the rope's end that came first to hand as they felt the lugger sinking and themselves going down with her; and the next moment they were dragged, dripping wet, up the lee side of the ship and in over her high bulwarks.
Any doubt that might have existed as to the character of the stranger was soon dispelled; for when she arrived within about a mile of the _Thetis_ she hoisted the Spanish naval ensign at her mizen peak and, slowing down, rounded-to athwart the yacht's course, at the same time hoisting the international signal, "Heave-to; I am sending a boat!

Examples of Rounded-to

Example #1
I-I-I-hear," faltered out the first mate, while the perspiration stood out in great beads of fright on his forehead.
Example #2
The corsair was standing by the side of Mr Tompkins, close by the taffrail.
Example #3
The vessel, therefore, must have gone much further back on their track than they had imagined, for the boat must have been three or four miles astern of the point at which the boys were washed overboard.
Example #4
A moment further of breathless suspense, and then those on deck could see for themselves what had attracted the lookout man's notice-a black object, bobbing up and down amidst the waves, one minute raised aloft on a billowy crest, the next hidden from view in a watery valley that descended, as it were, into the depths of the ocean.
Example #5
Mr Bascomb, put up your helm, and hoist away your topsails again.
Example #6
It is possible that, even with this advantage, they might have escaped notice, had not Phil thought of waving his coat; but the figure of him standing there, apparently upon nothing-for it was only now and then that a small portion of the hull became visible-waving frantically something big enough to show up strongly, soon attracted attention on board the approaching ship, and Stukely had scarcely been ten minutes engaged on his waving operations when he had the gratification of seeing a flag float out over the rail and go soaring up to the main truck, while the stranger's helm was slightly shifted and she swerved perceptibly toward them.